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Rose Information Systems provides a Specimen Locator System for laboratory information systems, lab scheduling software, free text history for backup, and an inventory control system.

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Specimen Locator System (SLS)

The Specimen Locator System (SLS) works in tandem with your laboratory information systems to quickly locate specimens allowing your team to track an unlimited number of specimens for any period of time.

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Personnel Scheduling System (PSS)

The lab scheduling software relieves the tedium of setting up lab work schedules. PSS is a semi-automatic system for creating lab schedules with less effort and time than required to manually generate a schedule using spreadsheets or pencil and paper. 

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Blood Bank Free Text History System

In catastrophic incidents when systems fail, the Blood Bank Free Text History System provides a complete text backup that can be easily accessed and printed.

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Automatic Order Inventory Control System (AOICS)

The inventory control system is an innovative use of hand-held computer and barcode labelling technology to monitor clinical laboratory supplies. 

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