The Automatic Order Inventory Control System ( AOICS ) is an innovative use of hand held computer and barcode labeling technology to monitor clinical laboratory supplies.
Purchase orders are processed more accurately and quickly than a manual system. Orders can be sent electronically to laboratory vendors thus avoiding transcription errors and saving valuable time, vendor list includes Abbot, Fischer, and most major lab product vendors. The AOICS provides order status reports, such as the Obligated Dollar report (laboratory supplies ordered) and exception reports such as Supply Quantities not Sufficient and Expired Reagent on Hand.

Components of Automatic Order Inventory Control System:

• AOICS installed on PC
• bar code label printer
• hand held computers with bar code readers and AOICS software

The AOICS hand held computers extend the reach of the AOICS to where the supplies are stored. Hand held computers are used to audit supplies in place, register received orders, and record the usage of supplies. The hand held computer sends all supply information to the base AOICS on demand thus keeping records accurate and timely.


• monitor inventory and supply dollars in a timely and accurate manner
• order from vendor directly through the AOICS avoiding FAXs and phone calls
• build new orders based on previously created orders
• use up inventory before expiration date is reached