Rose Information Systems, Inc. offers the Personnel Scheduling System ( PSS ) to relieve the tedium of setting up lab work schedules. PSS is a semi automatic system for creating lab schedules less effort and time than required to manually generate a schedule using spreadsheets or pencil and paper.

The PSS maintains both personnel and work station profiles of key information. Individual work schedules are part of the each person’s profile. The PSS controls the set of work stations that each lab person can be assigned based on skill profile.

Personnel schedules can be automatically generated by the PSS while you, the scheduler, are doing other work. A generated schedule can be optimized by moving individual lab personnel from work station to work station in the schedule. Finally the PSS offers a full range of reports including a high quality schedule report.


• Automatically create schedule with less effort per schedule than when done using a spreadsheet
• Drag and drop modifications to existing schedule to create new schedule
• model new schedule based on previous schedule
• save history of lab schedules
• monitors personnel work station competency